Playing with Fire Recap

Without question the Playing with Fire event was a ~~~HUGE~~~ success. The largest party in the history of Costa Rica, more than 100 partygoers came out to enjoy the incredibly hot tunes of Costa Rica’s own DJs – Azufr3 Catteneo and Kromus Korobase! Before we talk about the party, lets talk about the location (just wow). Guests were treated to an incredible build by Rawly Rousselot, Master Builder for the Costa Rica Sims. Upon arrival, guests found themselves in a dark forest, lit only by flames. After a short jaunt, an entranceway appeared. Carved from stone it was lit by walls of fire and flowing rivers of lava on either side. The entrance way ended in the center of a volcano. The dance floor surrounded a glowing pool of lava and open flames licked bodies from every angle. The build itself spanned two SIMs and by all accounts was one of the most incredible ever seen.


The night started off with DJ Azu introducing us to fire, luring us closer to the flames with his melodic beats. After igniting the fires (and not to mention our bodies) with a two hour blend of hip-house music with a sprinkling of latin flavor, he handed the decks over to DJ Kromus (naked again) who absolutely made us burn! Between Azu and Kromus, clothing was flying off left and right and some of the most beautiful bodies in all of SL could be seen in various states of undress . . . grinding, undulating and swaying to the rhythm of the tunes.


Guests in attendance at Playing with Fire read like the who’s who of SL . . . Giancarlo Takacs, Risa Bright, Pup Witherspoon, Raine Dagger, Melanie Zhao, Payton Heron, Scarlett Niven, LeeZu Baxter, Sally Yachvili, Fortunate Szondi, Scope Cleaver, Summer Deadlight, Blazin Aubret, Tempest Hennesy, Dea Mills and many more. Costa Rica residents were out in force as always! Like any event, there was a contest for the hottest male and hottest female guest. A contest made incredible by the Costa Rica Executive Staff and private contributors (Azalea Montale, Madison Canetti and myself), the prize money quickly increased from L2000 to L30,000. Now with all of the hot bodies, it was nearly impossible to say who delivered the best representation of fire, but the people voted . . . Krissy Sinclair and Sabastian Westland were declared the hottest of the hot at Playing with Fire.


During the event, a couple of very interesting announcements were made . . . Did you catch them? First, Azu announced his residency in CR for the summer and alluded to the fact that we’d be hearing him in CR sometime soon (next week perhaps?). Second, and I hope you caught this, he announced that a club would be coming soon to Costa Rica (oh yes, he so announced this). At the conclusion of this event (after Rawly rolled by in his classic blue car), people were left asking “what’s next” . . . From what we heard at Playing with Fire, DJ Azu and Kromus have another A&K production up their sleeves and it’s right around the corner!


A tremendously successful event, Playing with Fire would not have been possible without the support, organization and work of many people: Studio Red, Costa Rica Sims, Max March Industries, KMADD Enterprises, House of Gestures, DJ Azu and DJ Kromus.


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