In Darkness Recap

For many, the In Darkness event marked the beginning of the Halloween activities in SL! Touted as the event of the season, both SIMs were full within 15 minutes of opening. Upon arrival, guests were treated to a stunning build by Maddox DuPont, revealing a land ravaged by creatures of the night, and the remains of what once was a grand cathedral.
Angels of death guarded the entrance to the cathedral, and slaves, captured by the creatures of the night, lined the grand entranceway while others languished, chained to stakes to be used at will. The DJs preached their musical sermons from a throne of fire, accompanied by the most beautiful of slaves on either side. For those brave enough to explore beyond a build, they were treated to a maze of red adorned with hidden pleasures from Risque Animations. To say again that the presentation was stunning does not do the event justice.

Despite repeated SIM crashes, all in attendance had a wonderful time! DJs Sensuality, Azu and Kromus kept the audience entranced. Sponsors of the In Darkness event dropped gifts on guests in attendance, and of course, one lucky person, Lazrith Fardel, walked away with L40,000 in addition to a prize package from our sponsor Risque Animations.
If you happened to miss this event or were unable to attend due to the SIMs being full, no worries! The next event is just around the corner.

A special thanks to . . .
Our sponsors, builders and event contributors who made this event possible: Risqué Animations, Indyra Originals, Maddox DuPont of KMADD, Jonny Dusk of 5ifth Order, Hollywood Gestures,, AlphaMale & BlackLace, Goth1c0, Nardcotix, Vitamen and Dark Goddess Designs

Our models: Mavi Beck, Saphhire Coakes, Dahni Ella, Takeshi Kiama, Cayce Newell, Firedragon Bellios, Poptart Lilliehook, Payton Heron, Nemi McCoy, Kaitlin Peccable, Aealla Illyar, Mimmi Boa, Salvo Waydelich, Teena Basevi, Alexa Trefoil, Turlututu Chaffe, Sabastian Westland, Tempest Hennesy, Boe Cortes, Gahum Riptide, Queenie Extraordinaire, Willamina Fitzgerald, Elease Graves, Stiehl Carver, ChristopherJames Beaumont, DirkNice Aero, Wynter Kidd, Caleb Rickena, Jarl Soderstrom, Monta Horan, Iustinian Tomsen and Rawly Rousselot

The Studio Red staff: Xochi Tolsen, Absinthe Primrose, Madison Canetti, Boe Cortes, Meredith Freund, Dione Kohime, Brianna Vollmar, Siena Dawes, and Delila Vaher.
For more pictures visit the Studio Red Events Flickr Group:

~ by studioredevents on October 27, 2008.

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